$100 for New Teachers to Lamar CISD

L.E.A.F. has presented $100 to 92 new teachers in Lamar CISD who had zero teaching hours  this fall. The money is to help with classroom set-up costs. Funding is made possible from the success of the Lamar CISD employee giving program.  Bowie teachers Justin Davidson and Ashley Ruehman were presented their $100 from Bowie Principal Belynda Billings and L.E.A.F. Executive Director Janice Knight.

How Do You Get Out of a Box?

The Young Audiences of Houston’s “Texas Mime Theater” recently preformed at Austin Elementary, thanks to a grant from L.E.A.F. Most of the students had no idea what a mime was. Now they are ALL practicing their best “trapped in a box” routine! Just one way L.E.A.F. is helping enrich educational opportunities for our students.

Alexa, how do you spell…

Brian Eggenberger, SPED teacher at Smith Elementary, received six Echo Dots, for students to use to help with their writing. They each have a Dot as their “personal assistant” to use for spelling help, for synonyms to words, and to repeat their sentences (Simon says) so they can listen to see if it makes sense. It is also helping students in more ways than even he realized it would. Other teachers have already commented that these students are speaking more in the regular classroom environment, and that their speech is louder and more clear. He thinks it’s because of the Dots since they have to speak loudly and clearly in order for “Alexa” to understand them…and they’ve only had them a couple weeks! What a great grant idea!


Indiana Jones in LEGOs?

Second grade students at Austin Elementary are using LEGOs to create storylines. Proceeds from Men Who Cook, presented by Johnson Development Corp, make items like this possible for Lamar CISD students and teachers. I do believe this storyline is about Indiana Jones and his many booby traps!

Tower Garden

Mrs. Brewer’s class at Huggins Elementary are enjoying their Tower Garden. What a great way to observe the life cycles of various fruits and vegetables during the cultivation process. Can’t wait for some fresh vegetables!

I’ll take Texas History for $200 Alex

Fourth grade students at Bentley Elementary had the opportunity to visit the Bullock Texas State History Museum thanks to a LEAF grant their teachers received. Isn’t great when students can learn by experience? Proceeds from Men Who Cook, presented by Johnson Development Corp., make experiences like this possible. Do you have tickets?